10 Places to Eat That Pays Savory In Shah Alam

Looking for a place to eat a delicious and popular in Shah Alam? Let’s check out the top 10 places that are worth a tasty meal in Shah Alam. If you are visiting Shah Alam, do not forget to stop by here ya!


 1. Pak Li Kopitiam


Bored with Kopitiam Kopitiam-familiar you enjoy? What did you try to eat and drink at Pak Li Kopitiam which is located in Section 7 or Section 18. A suitable place for you to relax with family mahupun friends. The menu here is mandatory cuba ‘Lemon Chicken Rice’ and ‘Golden Fried Rice’. Coffee beverages disyorkan is white. Selalunya menu contained in other Kopitiam also provided such as toast, half-cooked eggs, nasi lemak and others. This restaurant operates every day starting from 8 am to 1:30 am for Sunday to Thursday. When on Friday and Saturday the restaurant is operated so that at 2:30 in the morning.

2. Burger Yazid


The streets looking for the next meal is Shah Alam to Burger Yazid located in Section 7. This Burger sememangnya famous for their burgers were great size. Saiznya great it can be eaten together in the budget of three to seven people chosen based on size. You may try out various menu here as ‘Double Ram Special’ and ‘Twister Cheese’ that is said is the best and interesting to be tried here. However, you are reminded to wait for the menu were booked because crowded the purchase and can be arranged for a meal at one of the eating places of interest in Shah Alam.

3. Mr. Steak House Restaurant

Streets foraging Shah Alam onwards to Mr Steak House Restaurant located in Page Series Business Park in Section 13, Shah Alam. Interestingly the price of food in the restaurant was ‘somewhat low’ for a restaurant. For example, the price for the ‘Chicken Chop’ only RM8.90 unlike other restaurants. Although the price is rather low, but the portion that is provided is worth.

Your so-so try to enjoy Chicken Combo RM13.90 valuable because this dish is not solely our other chicken. But also combined well with two pieces of lamb chop, grilled chicken thigh portion and also some tail prawn. It will feels comfort of your make worth to enjoy this dish.

4. Mee Restaurant Ketam

When asked sake only delicious diner in Section 7 of this, certainly stoke your bustling streets foraging Shah Alam try out mee Mee crabs crabs in the adjacent restaurant with unicellular Shah Alam. The crab mee in this restaurant is the best crabs and shall order when it comes to eat here. The price for a bowl of mee these crabs are also very reasonable, only RM 8 for regular bersaiz mee planers. Curry flavor savory, spicy and fatty foods and enough sense not able to make you enjoy the view of the left and right if these crabs mee. The crabs are used also fresh and much of the content.

In addition, you also recommend to order Lai Chi Kang because it feels very different to Lai Chi Kang found in other eateries. Mee Restaurant operating time quests are started at 12:30 noon to 10 pm on every Tuesday until Sunday. When on Friday, this restaurant will initially operate at 5 pm. On each day Monday, the restaurant will be closed.

5. Restaurant-Whispered Whispered Section 7 Shah Alam

Restaurant-Whispered Whispered Section 7 Shah Alam offers various types of grain Johor and also various other menu including ‘western food’. So, you do not need dizziness head nak select what food you like.

The first menu that you must try is Pol.Dengar Peanut Peanut said Pol was brought typical of Larkin, that is where the famous Pol beans in Johor. Once cuba nak certainly again! When the prawn mee bandung sememangnya be the choice of visitors here because the prawns are supplied is great and really fresh. Sememangnya taste the sweetness of the prawns is very suitable in combination with prawn mee bandung this.

Not to mention, it is necessary to try out your bone mee rebus. Surely you will enjoy every suction of bone marrow in this bone mee rebus. The price is very berpatutan that is only RM9 other semangkuk.Tarikan in Spanish whispers are the ‘Acid Spicy Mak Kiah’. You may choose Samada mahukan catfish or fish jenahak for Mak Kiah spicy sour to be eaten with white rice. This restaurant will be closed on every Wednesday, second and fourth weeks of each month and operates as usual starting at 12:30 tengahari to 12:30 at night. Restaurant-Whispered Whispered also never received coverage Newspaper and magazine some major.


6. Zam-Zam Restaurant

For those of you who want to eat rice arab fine in Shah Alam, you may be looking for ways to eat Shah Alam in Zam-Zam Restaurant located in Section 9. Zam Zam restaurant has no building of its own and stands behind a row of shops.

Perhaps because of the location and the atmosphere of an exclusive restaurant, the prices charged are rather expensive compared to other Arab restaurant, but all this is obscured by its Arabic flavor rice dishes. Zam Zam restaurant provides a package according to how many people want to eat. Rice dish complete with rice, side dishes, desserts, kebabs and water. Once in a while what you say Mandy Lamb tried the rice that is umpph! The price for a plate of Mandy Lamb is RM19 but rice to eat for two. Among other menu is Mixed Grill, Arabic Salad and Muhalabia.

7. Restaurant Big Brother

The streets looking for food in Shah Alam moved Restaurant Big Brother. The location is very easy to find because it is located in PKNS Bizpoint Section 7, Shah Alam, the back row facing the new Shah Alam Hospital.

Interestingly menu here is really delicious taste as well as its unique name. In fact, it turns out portion provided worthwhile for you to enjoy. Among the must try the restaurant menu Big Brother is E’Olio Seafood Linguine Aglio (RM19.90), Seafood Spaghetti Marinara (RM19.90), Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon (RM25.90), Chicken Roulade (RM19.90), Creamy Tri-shroom Pasta Pollo (RM21.90) and Sesame Chilli Dory (RM17.90).

8. Chemistry Cafe

Share your streets looking for food Shah Alam but want a place that can relax sambal chatting in the evening or night, Chemistry Café + Lab is the perfect place for you to visit. It is a series of Spanish Judge Section 7.

It is the choice of the young people and very popular for decorating themed café chemistry laboratory. Various tools are often used in chemical laboratories used to serve food and drinks to customers. Among these are test tubes, syringes, flat bottomed flask, test tube rack, leg retort, clamps and a wide range anymore!

9. Restoran Jemari


Tom yam crave delicious, thick and spicy? In short, the tom yam ‘OK’? Let the streets looking for food in Shah Alam fingers are located in Section 7, Shah Alam. The restaurant is located next to the boutique lid Pearl Haya facilitate your quest to come to this restaurant. Special menus available in the restaurant is the Ala-Thai Fried Rice. Rice is surrounded by mango vegetable salad, crackers, cooked red meat, cucumber, onion and chilli. The price offered is also very reasonably priced at RM12.90.

Besides, what did you try spinach vegetable salad menu in the restaurant’s fingers. Interestingly spinach vegetable salad vegetable salad is not the same as another, often succulent spinach. Here, you can enjoy a roasted vegetable salad with flour and sprinkled with Thai sauce. When food tastes as if you were eating crackers! Very nice indeed. The price of a plate of vegetable salad spinach is RM8.90.

10. Restoran Laman Grill

You love or like to eat western food steak? Let the streets looking for food Shah Alam to Page Grill, located in Section 13, Shah Alam. The restaurant is known for its founder who was one of the judges in the Masterchef program, Minogue Chef Chef Zain with its partner Kamal Baharain. In this restaurant, the cuisine they serve a carefully formulated recipe and a variety of delicious creations.

Among the menu available in the restaurant is New Zealand Lamb Lamb Cutlet & Turkish Kebab (RM36.50), Australian Lamb Baby Foreshank (RM 34.50), Meat Lover’s Combo Platter (RM63.50) and Caramelized Apple-Butter Bread Pudding (RM11 .50). While prices in this restaurant is a little expensive but in terms of taste is worth the fees charged. Page Grill restaurant operates daily from 11am until 11pm.

Already know which restaurant you want to go? Invite your friends or loved ones to be equally enjoyed it.