10 Tips Taking Aircraft with Toddlers

Klikers, I often hear the “myth” that has a toddler was very troublesome. Especially for Mommies, taken up your time going out for the care of the child throughout the day. Forget vacation to Singapore, Malaysia, and Bali for a while. But wait! Who said you could not get on a plane together vacation with your toddler? I’ve tried several times on holiday with a plane with her nieces and nephews who are toddlers, even infants. But it does need some preparation when going on a plane with a toddler / baby. Klikers, following 10 tips on a plane with a toddler / baby:

1. Note that your baby has aged a minimum of three months before you take him on a plane. Although the average airline allows the minimum age a baby is two weeks (some even two days old), but the minimum age of three months would be more secure. At the age of three months, durability baby is stronger, including in the face of changes in air temperature. So, Mommies and Daddies, if nothing urgent, better wait for your baby if older adults alike. Because the rules of each airline is different, do not forget to check the airline rules.

2. Note hours sleep toddler / baby. It would be wise if you choose the appropriate flight hours with an hour nap (if you fly during the day). When the toddler / baby you sleep during the flight, this really is going to be a bonus for you!


3. Although maybe your child will pass the cost to sit in your lap, but it would be better if you buy an extra seat for a toddler / baby. This chair can use to put the baby gear. More space will also make you and your toddler / baby more comfortable. Try to get a seat in the front (bulkhead seat). In addition to more freely, this section of the aircraft engine noise.


4. For long-haul flights, some airlines provide facilities bassinet or skycots. Bassinet is a folding bed in the form of a box that can be affixed to the front wall of the seat, facing the passenger seat. However, there are strict rules in its use. Bassinet can only be used by infants aged up to 24 months with a maximum weight of 10-13 pounds. At the time of take off and landing, bassinet should not be used. Likewise, in the event of turbulence and the seat belt sign lamp ignition, the baby should be removed from the bassinet. provision bassinet is also limited so you have to order it from long ago. While the cost at close range, you can assume your baby, or use a special baby seat placed in airplane seats and seat belts fastened seat-owned aircraft (aircraft single lap strap). You can also use a car seat when your baby can not duduk.stroller at airport

5. Came early at the airport for check-in and security processes (immigration when abroad). Will be very tiring when you have to hastily push a stroller or carrying your baby while running. While waiting for boarding, you can play around first with your child so that he was exhausted and fell asleep while on the plane. Note: if you bring a stroller, the stroller must be folded each time it passes through a security scan. Keep in mind also that the stroller can not be brought into the cabin and will be treated as baggage. You can still use your stroller up to the boarding gate. Then when boarding, the stroller will be given a limited release tag by ground personnel and put into the luggage compartment.


6. Breastfeed your baby when the plane will take off and landing. This is to prevent their ear pain due to changes in air pressure. For toddlers who had not breastfeed, you can give them candy to chew or suck them during takeoff and landing aircraft.

7. Aircraft cabin temperature tends to cool. Therefore, do not forget to wear warm clothes, socks, and hats on toddler / baby you order them comfortable during the flight. Also it is better to use their own blankets compared blankets provided in flight.

8. Regulation of the various airlines generally allow you to bring food and baby milk into the cabin of the aircraft, including liquid milk, milk that has been milked into the bottle, and hot water to make milk. No need to worry with airline regulations that you should not carry more than 100ml of fluid into the aircraft cabin. Baby food gets an exception in this case.

9. Do not forget to bring diapers and spare change of clothes in a bag that you bring into the aircraft cabin. Also tissue and wet tissue. It’s for the preparation if toddlers / babies pee in aircraft accident or vomiting or accidentally spilled food / drinks. You do not want your toddler menguarkan the odor when he suddenly pup and you do not prepare a diaper change in the cabin? There is also a good idea if you prepare your own T-shirt dressing for just in case.

10. Do not forget to bring snacks and toys for the little guy. Do not forget to charge your gadgets to full. Snacks and toys (including games and music on gadgets) can make your child calm during the flight. For drinks, you better bring drinks in bottles to be closed again.

Klikers, that’s 10 tips on a plane with a toddler / baby you from us. Perhaps at first glance seems complicated, but trust me, it’s better than you take your toddler’s grandfather left it on / grandmother. As long as there is a chance, take time to be with your children. Remember, they are not going to be a toddler forever. Enjoy every moment with your kids, and have a quality time with your family …