17 Travel Tips To Krabi

Frequently asked questions about Krabi

1. Exchange money in Malaysia or over there?

Change at Malaysia. It look expensive at Malaysia but it is more expensive there. Tat day before I leave the exchange 1000 to RM118 bath. Until 1000 there if you want to change the bath for Rm125/126.

2. Be able to withdraw money from ATM machines over there?

But the condition can contact your bank before coming out here. Let the bank know when you will be off to the country.

Can not play prick. But in Thailand every withdraw charged 200 bath.

3. From HatYai wanted to Krabi / Ao Nang  riding what and at what price?

There are 2 options. Van ride for 350 baht. If more than this you are deceived.

Or take the bass for 162/170/214 bath. There were 214 bath which have toilet in the bass. But the bus will pick anyone. He will stop where he likes and to cite drivers who and what he want.

For our trip to Krabi, the bas driver ready to bring fresh flowers checkered. Ha ha. Enjoy your riding and  sitting in the bus. Period of travel 4 1/2 – 5 hours.

4. How to go From Krabi Bus Terminal  to AoNang?

May try to ride a pickup 60 bath. Or with taxi for 300 bath. Taxi will ask for 500 bath. You have to be a clever on negotiable.

It is more faster using taxi ride to and continue to the next hotel. If you goes with pickup, it may go a long way later.

5. How about where to Eat?

There is a lot of Halal food around. The important thing savory. Tomyam Kung again best and better than Secret Recipe and it have 8 large fresh shrimp which is only cost 100 bath.

But inside do not have mee. Have to ask for  rice. Fancy food also a lot there and it is not cheap. Check your pockets before eating hehe.

6. What is Pancake?

That is like some kind of roti canai but fill with lemon filling or topping of our choices. You want from fruit to nuts also there.

Nice taste? Yes. I like. Price is just from 35 to 50 bath filling and topping look at what you order.

7. Aiskrim coconut?

Ha this is very famous over there. It is like every where have here. But it is very cheap. In a con cost only 20 bath and 50 bath in coconut shells. Sangkaya also copy the idea of ​​Thai to create the similar aiskrim. Ha ha.

8. Any interesting package?

Is all depend on what you like. Those who like beach can go island hopping. There are many package. Those want relaxed can went to 4 Island. Those want solid can go 7 Island until evening. Can enjoy the sunset at once.

There is cliff jumping again if you dare. Those like go snorkeling can go to Hong Island or Phi Phi Island.

If you like to excitement can try the ATV extreme challenge and mount climbing. Kayaking also there. Those want relaxes look toward Emerald Pool and HotSpring.

Those like animals can go to Elephant Tracking. We have to know what we like. The time is limited if participating in this package.

So it should not be slowly to exchange clothes alike. Suggest that after soaking, bring your own towel or cloth to wraps your body and if go to the Hot Spring and Pool. If goes to the Island hooping, no matter indeed you will confirmed wet.

9. Rent a bike

You do not need driving licenses. Promise that you are able to take the motorbike. It is just a Small motorcycle. Rental 200 bath for 24 hours. They will take our Passport as collateral.

Do not worry about your passport, it is safe with them. If you need, you can added another half a day dependent on the owner that rents to you. Usually the owner will allow.

When you take the motor, the oil just enought for you travel to the petrol station. If the miss the petrol station, then you need to push it.

Do not too worry, the Retail shop along roadside stalls selling a lot of petrol in the bottle. 40 bath bottle. Helmet is not a mandatory. Wear over the safety of its own.


10. Travel agency which one is good?

There are hundreds of travel agencies there. Along the way near AoNang every 10 steps there is a travel agency. The last company that we choose to handle our trip.

Price subject to negotiation. Do not participate in the brochure price. Shopping around first. There are some Islamic company like Maryam Tour and Ana Rashid. But I do not see them locate at where.

11. Hotel / Room

You can book online and Pay future when you check in there. Pay in Thai Bath. But if you walk in to check in may be more negotiable. You can try check the room from tempahhotel.com

Examples of our neighbour, they just walked in. Negotiable price of 600 bath to be 500 only. I booked online which pay taxable maybe so about 600. Sustenance respectively.

If you like beach, you can stay in the AoNang. If you like the city to then you can stay in Krabi Town. The journey for the 2 place is about 1/2 hour if you ride a motorcycle.

Hotel is a lot indeed. I choose Adam Bungalow because he kind of area of ​​the village. Not need to take stairs or lift when go back to hotel.

Our room cost cheap because there is no aircond. Night is rather cool. Anyway our time was spent outside right. So when go back only sleep.

12. Travel Insurance

Mandatory to take as the Thai royal because he’s requiring all travelers to have insurance. Emerald Pool and Hatta also included the insurance as included in the package price.

13. Souvenir

If buy for yourself or others if allowed to buy in front of the shrine because there crowded by a lot of Muslim merchants. Help them also. All same price there.

14. Safety

Thank God, salvation is still guaranteed. Nobody was squeezed case or pocket picker. Still safe. not like in Bangkok.

Also need to be always careful. You can walk around Krabi safely.

15. Simcard

There is sold at 7-Eleven that you can easy access. 7-Eleven and Family Mart evenly a lot there. More than Tens around hehe. Many well. Later they will help you to active the simcard.

I took the 299 bath for 1.5g data. There are 199 i believe. Dtac is the name of service provider. Typical for travelers.

16. Massage

Ha. This one indeed a lot. Everywhere massage massage. The price of 200 bath an hour. The more hour you need the more expensive la price.

17. Fraudsters

For me not an impostor. They are more like to find opportunist. Taking the opportunity to cheat those people who do not know anything.

Many of his competition around. So they try get a bit more than those who were victorious they approached. When we got off the vehicles everywhere will be crowded within us.

Questions are they Malaysia? Malaysia? And they offer services each respectively. Harden your heart. Continue to walk with confidence.

Outside the terminal there are many tuktuk waiting. Tuktuk driver can not find customers in the terminal area. You have to go to them.

Enjoy your trip.