5 most beautiful Island in Sabah

Maldives received the nickname of South East Asia, Sabah offers natural beauty, not only on land but also underwater. If you are looking for a holiday destination that is rich in flora and fauna, we suggest five most beautiful island in Sabah following:

1. Lankayan Island

Located 15 kilometers from Sandakan, Sepilok Forest is one of the tropical island located in the Sulu Sea. Small in size but a wealth of stunning natural environment. Many tourists come here just to enjoy the beauty and see for yourself the unique flora and fauna. Lankayan is also a paradise for scuba divers. The island is rich with marine life such as micro nudibranches, prawns and coral shrimps Gobies. However, many who visit this island attracted by the whale shark and turtle species that inhabit hawkbill green and seabed.
Lankayan gazetted as marine parks Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area (SICAM). Any activity related to fishing is prohibited here. Instead, people are encouraged to jointly safeguard and preserve the island that is also recognized as the turtle hatchery.

EXTRAS: Lankayan Island Dive Resort, which offers views over the beach is the only inn located on the island.


Manukan island is the second largest National Park Tunku Abdul Rahman. It was the first island to be recognized as a national park in Sabah. The island is famous for its beautiful beaches and its coral reef is only 20 minutes from Kota Kinabalu speedboat ride. Manukan featuring stunning tourist basic facilities such as sports courts, restaurant, clubhouse, scuba diving center. However, there is only one hotel in operation here which Manukan Island Resort. It displays inn shaped villa of 20 pieces. There are lots of interesting activities to do in Manukan. If you’re a fan of the beach or sea, may try snorkelling, scuba diving, jetski, waterski, banana boat, kayaking and windsurfing. Otherwise, you can jog or cycle to see its natural beauty.

EXTRAS: Kapalai recognized as one of the world’s best scuba diving site for showing a lot of macro life.


Kapalai is another island to the attention of tourists from all over the world. The island is famous for its beautiful coral reefs and unique wildlife macro. Kapalai is not far from Sipadan and Mabul. It is accessible by speedboat through Semporna Island. In accordance with the advantages of Kapalai frequented by scuba divers, especially those called underwater photographer. They were so excited to photograph strange marine creatures such as crocodilefish, garden eels, frog fishes and flamboyant cuttlefish.
Those interested in visiting the island can stay in Kapalai Dive Resort. It was the inn on the water featuring world class facilities. In addition to scuba divers, newlyweds often choose to honeymoon here because the atmosphere is beautiful, beautiful and lovely.

EXTRAS: Service speed boat to Manukan at Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal operates from 8.30 am to 4.15 pm every day.


Blue water and white sand beaches are the island’s main identity Mataking this title. It is a real answer for those who enjoy visiting the island. Mataking accessible speedboat ride from Semporna deemed as a holiday destination for all. The island offers a variety of activities involving land and sea. For those who love scuba diving activities, can visit several sites of interest such as scuba diving Turle playground, nudibranch heaven, hump head point and coral garden. For those who do not engage in scuba diving activities anyway, you may try jungle trekking, batik painting, pamper yourself at the spa, kayaking or walking to Mataking Small island. Nonetheless, you can laze on the booked stay while enjoying the natural beauty of the island.

EXTRAS: The Reef Dive Resort is the only luxury hotel available in Mataking the ranks of approximately 37 chalets, and villas.


Mabul is a small island that is home to two villages namely Kampung Pulau Mabul and Musu. It is inhabited by more than 2000 residents of the Bajau Laut tribe and mysticism. Thus, the island that is close to Sipadan has an almost complete basic facilities such as schools and mosques. Mabul is not immune from being a haven for scuba diving. It is famous for its exotic marine life such as Flamboyant cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus, mimic octopus, scorpion fish Scat and family as frogfish. These advantages result in Mabul frequented by scuba divers from around the world.
There are many types of stay in Mabul. Six of them are resorts that provide scuba diving, while the rest is the kind of homestay and backpackers inn hotel. Each of which provides a range of facilities including bringing visitors tour the island activities.

EXTRAS: Mabul was originally a fishing village that exists around the 70s. It was later turned into a popular tourist destination after the entry of many divers to Sipadan Island.

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