Banting: 5 Highlights for Family Weekend

Visit Malaysia Year 2014, Faizal like to invite you all to stop in Banting. If tourists want to come to Malaysia, must come to Banting to complement your holiday in Malaysia because there are all the various attractions in Banting you should explore.

Faizal is derived from the Banting and already familiar with the interesting places in Banting. I will list what interesting places in Banting.

Cendol Banting


If stopover in Banting, sample delicious cendol here. Faizal suggest two fairly popular ones from the store in which Shaw Banting Banting Ibrahim faced KFC and Pizza Hut restaurant recently opened. Another shop is Banting Tina Shaw Newspapers Shops near Peking and dealing with Maybank Banting.



Pantai Morib dan Sotong Bakar Morib


When it comes to Banting, must come to Pantai Morib. The distance between Morib Banting and not far away and the trip takes about 20-30 minutes. Grilled Squid stores located around Pantai Morib near Gold Coast Morib Resort. The place has been renovated to become a tourist attraction and different than when Faizal still dibangku school. Morib beach is ideal for families especially taken the children to swim here. Always be aware that no accidents will occur.


Nasi Lemak Squid

We usually served with sambal ikan bilis nasi lemak, fried chicken but rarely shop serving sambal squid. Among Nasi Lemak Squid is delicious in Banting

  • Nasi Lemak Pak Musa – Fresh squid fat sweet and spicy rice
  • Nasi Lemak Kak Eta – Fresh squid is not very sweet and not too spicy.
  • Nasi Lemak Kak Leha – its very spicy sambal squid.

The three stores are adjacent and when to Banting later, just ask the locals about the three shops, surely many years.


The three nasi lemak sambal squid was I think, again, like I grew up with three nasi lemak this. Many people eat in the shop early in the morning, due to come a little late to get a place. If the weekend, the three shops are crowded with visitors.

Kerepek House

One of the places that should be stopover if it comes to Banting is Kerepek House Fazz Enterprise. Chips House is situated close to the River Lang and Kanchong ground. Chips that are here are among the best. The process of making chips are also available for viewing visitors.

Bookstore Lao Mao
Mou Lao words that mean old cat and this shop has been around since Faizal still at school. What is so special about this store? Lao Mao’s Bookstore featuring many comics and manga from Japan and the visitors were given the option of renting books and reading in the shop or take home. Estimated price for 1 comic is 60 sen- RM1.

Among the comics there was Dragon Ball, Detective Conan, One Piece, Yuyu Hakusho, Doraemon, Gods Kingdom, Swordsman Marine, Environmental Officers and many more.


And many more places of interest around Banting. If you want to historic sites, visit the City Palace and Sultan Abdul Samad Eat. If the try paragliding activities, it can go to Bukit Raba. You can also climb the hill Raba as activities for health care. Sometimes, Faizal also exercise at Bukit Jugra while bringing the family, spending time together.

Visit Malaysia Year 2014, plenty of walking and visiting places in Malaysia. Who else if not us to promote visited Malaysia in 2014.