Bukit Larut,Taiping

Bukit Larut @ Maxwell Hill – Taiping


Overnight in Simpang, Taiping Anom brother’s home and was offered an opportunity for families to go up to Maxwell Hill. Ini Late Sunday morning because we had been trying to get tickets to climb to the top of the Land Rover often exhausted because of the number of tickets sold is limited and usually when the weekend if we get to the counter at 8.00 am all was finished sold. According to the ticket counter clerk, visitors have started lining up to buy tickets as early as 6:30 am morning. After sun rise, three cousins had gone there to buy tickets in advance and we ‘fees’ to go up at 10.00 am.

According to the counter clerk, only 100 tickets sold on a daily and weekend schedule and Land Rover vehicles rose sahaja.Harga ticket for an adult is RM6 and on the table was shared up and down the Land Rover. For those who rent bungalow on a hilltop, the price fluctuated and allowed to make early reservations.


We take a Land Rover vehicle to climb to the top of Mount Larut. Ana indeed salute ‘spring’ in an efficient driver who drives with each passing steep and sharp bends to the top of the hill. Throughout the trip in about half an hour, there are approximately 80 sharp bends and steep with one lane narrow path and very scary. There are times when the vehicle collided with a Land Rover down the hill but the drivers are competent to operate a vehicle’s four-wheel drive.


All the way up is very frightening worse than the climb up to the hill before it was ever mentioned here. Although only a half hour ascent period, it was an experience that was a little extreme for the family. Thank God we get to the summit and down safely.

Puncak Bukit Larut


When we reached the top of Mount Larut, Land Rover vehicle will drop us in a ‘pit stop’. Here we will regroup when going down later. There’s something I want to share here is the beauty of nature in the top of the Mount Larut. From the top we can see part of the city if the weather allow. Such as Taiping aware, Taiping is the most frequent rain and the greatness of climate change here could happen suddenly.

As we relax enjoying the beauty of His creation with a thick fog suddenly enveloped the air here. The environment would be dark and cold. There are many places that can be visited at the peak of Bukit Larut except some old bungalows are made for the rental of visitors. Tulip fields that were once very popular here too, was closed. Rather disappointing too because hilltop we have no more activities to do


Although we have reached the ‘pit stop’ with Land Rover, but we need to continue the ascent to walk around the top of the hill to a destination. Estimates in 2 km from ‘pit stop’. There is a sense it is not suitable if we bring small children or the elderly because it is very tiring for people who are less extreme kind.