Dinner @ Gold Coast Morib


This is the room we stay in Gold Coast Morib ni, enter a je did not manage to take a picture like, here dah deck assault children. hahaha mak assault pack any more but also to the Jacuzzi in the bathroom tu. Each exhaustion, kids tu dah early dip in the jacuzzi and squawk backstroke. Oklah, while they soak my clothes to prepare for dinner tonight. The theme color blocking, blocking Tickle very, sorry did not take the full picture because I had hahahaha. I use simple je, jeans and orange shirt, red scarf, blocking ## highly !!!


Hmmm funnier to see ya, cute tu combined single beds for 5 people to sleep. Night all slept upright tu je nak JAP two sides. Hehehehe all stay here and sleep with their respective positions until the morning. And the most pity Najwa fell bed, hehehe had again bu ouch pain, sore, I said get up, get up quickly. Hahaha not want to help but here again there hehehe how angry Najwa.

This is my very first kengkawan head. Both women and men, all in one direction. hehehe then the momentum going to work. Right? You can gang if one head and one soul best, right? If we have any problems or concerns with, talked with told us, they want to turn this kind of poison and like pouring oil into the fire, they are best coat Testimony story that started tu je kan tepid #numpang. This kitaorang, dah 6/7 years together, Memas no way Memas, but the camaraderie is the best !!! Night kitorang tu dah agreement, who fell early, please book 3 tables, je dah hehehe down there were empty tables waiting, nice-nice !!

The food that night was mediocre although the menu is bombastic. Ready to meet my friend lagik fly eggs in food tu, well how long dah dah exposed, and how long dah dah tu fly eggs there. Good luck can change the fish, which we saw, the invisible ?? Already secure in the stomach. Although poor taste, but still smooth hahahaha dishes. Yelah ni kids love to eat a sit-down like this, take the exhausted, depleted grab, and also want to Adam, indeed intense eat, nice-nice big fast ye.

That night there was a lucky draw, I’m never lucky after 6 years of work here. Coincidentally, after eating tu, Najiha whine want to sleep and wanted a ride. So the husband went up to the room with Najiha and Adam, and my budding Najwa stayed until the end of the ceremony. Husband message before riding tu, hopefully lucky ya ju, Insha Allah bang. Ya Allah got out after 20 minutes of riding per room husband, my name was announced. Thank God for sustenance in a lucky draw, this is the first time my name was very lucky. Uahahah take time feeling like tu gift for speech microphone tu kat got excited because article. Thankfully I did not act outside the control of all Muahahahaha tu VIP guests.

Back to the room I saw a bed harness rather than children. Heii apada ??? Husband last word until je room, and Adam Najiha am whining to come down, haishhh !! Kekeke finally harness the bed, and Adam Najiha self Najwa TV..Menjeritlah from outside the room, the harness can see ni mother grills miracle !! Watch ni bah !!! The husband also said thank you, congratulations, right livelihood. Indeed, I have been long craving nkkan magic toaster ni, thanks YA God, look how strong the power of prayer, we want to call days grills magic, God continues to Fulfill, Alhamdulillah