Heard Gold Coast Melaka? 5 Reasons this New Theme Park is Invaded by People!

Malacca is known for interesting tourist attractions. In fact, some projects are still being carried out by the state government in collaboration with a specific body to ensure that the state is always popular with tourists.

If before, Melaka has a number of water theme parks such as A Famosa Water World Melaka and Melaka Wonderland Theme Park, is another new attraction has opened.

Gold Coast International Hotel, it is included in this list, can bring children later if to Melaka.

In Bukit Katil


Area theme parks along with resort officially opened around September last year after undergoing an upgrading process. The visitors who were there, “where ordinary first but now it is beautiful and the best”.


For those who want to feel the experience of staying here, there are resorts also provided. There are 322 rooms and 840 beds.

Wave Pool


Among the attractions here is the wave pool wave pool. Wide best-je kan while he was a small child can ride the swan.

The outdoor Jacuzzi


Children are sure to love the water play ground


The next phase of development involves more games including ‘tornado’, ‘sliding pool (pool slides) are expected to be completed this year.



During the initial opening, promotional price is offered until October 31 this week is RM20 for adults and RM10 for children.

But the reserve price was about $ 40 per person. For further info can be contact Gold Coast Melaka International Resort  continues.