I used to travel to change the future

In this ease of network information age, bursts will see a variety of hot topics, there are positive and negative energy is another man staggering news, Every time we always laugh it off, others feel it is very distant from their own . Until the past two days to see this, “I used XX change in the future,” the subject, some say the knowledge to change the future, some say environmental change in the future, others say technological change in the future. So stop and ask myself, what do I go to change the future, reached in partnership with the future?


Always liked this sentence: “! Either reading or travel, soul and body must have a road,” If I have to give a conclusion sentence, I think I would choose “travel” word. We always try to look for their role in society, but forget that he is living in a natural being, and just as we are in the process of self-discovery, we have gradually lost in his own mind on the road. Slowly, we are only concerned with the car, the house, tickets. So, someone always says when I was younger, our dream is to travel around the world, but because of the money and give up; middle-aged, we have money, no time; when we have money and leisure time , it is old. Zhang said fame as early as possible, as early as possible, I would like to travel too it!

Some people travel to be released likened the mood, like submerged in the bottom of the fish, before the arrival of thunderstorms feeling bored, urgently want to breath through the water. From the heart of the city to the vicissitudes of the old one, from the casual to the ailing ancient town, in fact, every trip, every a relationship, I can not say it never true meaning, I only know that occasionally seen leaving the opened and closed city, to a strange city to escape the chaos around him, looking for a quiet and let the mind clean place, sitting 30 stories high altitude above sea views overlooking the early morning, or can also be the most exciting market to experience the real life of the local people in a crowded street watching the two men beloved big hands holding little hands the warmth back, they themselves would become crystal clear in general, and then to take some beautiful pictures cry, leaving the elderly in their own recollection of the year slowly.

Finally understand that travel in addition to develop their own vision, you can make yourself toward a better future! Travel to prove himself with a future partner, accompanied by the experience and the future good life, this is the future of travel and the significance of it.