Is There bedbugs in Your Hotel Room?

That speech is often expressed by people during his Caucasians going to sleep.

Although this sentence is the idiom is an expression that their children have a good sleep but actually bedbugs or known as bed bugs or fleas that do exist and are happy to nest in bed.

What it Bedbugs?

Bedbugs or fleas mattress better known as tumila are parasitic insects that happy drinking human blood. His favorite place to hatch and breed is in bed. Aggressive insects at night it can bite unwitting victims. Well the most annoying is the bite marks that can cause blisters and itching and heat. Bite is also quite creepy effect, of only appear rashes on the skin even for some people to cause allergy symptoms. Plus a very unpleasant aroma common stinging insects smell indicates the presence of this one.

Well according to data from the Indonesian Central Statistics Agency (BPS), there are 38 million people who go out into the room five-star hotel in 2013. Can you imagine what can be carried in and out of the hotel room. Viruses, bacteria, germs and even insects such as bedbugs / ticks mattress you definitely do not want it there in bed hotel room where you can stay lodged there. As it turns out one of the causes bedbugs move and nest to another is carried away by the good people themselves, clothes, and bags / luggage brought from places infested by bedbugs.

10 Tips on How to Check the presence of lice Rot
It never hurts to always do some of these tips to prevent you from sleeping with bedbugs and unknowingly “persecuted” overnight in a hotel room you occupy:

1. The first time came in the room, do not immediately unload bags / luggage you. Place the bag / luggage rack so that you are not in direct contact with the floor before you finish inspecting your room.


2. Prepare equipment such as a flashlight or you can also use the flash of a smartphone and a card room or credit card to assist you in checking the places where bedbugs are often nested.


3. First pull the blankets and bed covers of the bed. Start from the ends of the bed, where bedbugs happy hiding and nesting. What you should look for is an insect with a size of approximately 4 mm or traces of blood which is usually a dark brown stain.

4. Lift the end of the bed linen from until you can see the mat.


5. Pay attention to the folds on the edge of the mat, use your room card or credit card to help open the folds where bedbugs usually happy hiding. If necessary use a flash from your smartphone to help examine parts darker crease.

6. Check not only one corner of it, check out the entire four corners of your bed.

7. Then check sheets if there are signs of a trail or the presence of these insects in the form of brown stains and dried blood stains or even the fleas themselves rotten.

8. When it is safe, check the couch that may exist in your room. Dark places such as creases and seams on the couch is a favorite place of this insect.

9. In the same way also check existing curtains.

10. One last place you need to check also is a headboard or a panel that usually exist on the part of the headboard and bedside / small closet next to your bed.

If it turns out the whole area clean, rest assured that you will be able to sleep quietly without interruption of the chinch this. But if you find bugs in places you do the examination, my advice to leave immediately and asked to move rooms to the front desk. Do not like my experience and family stay in one 4-star hotel in Kuta – Bali where we just realized slept with dozens of bugs that are so much fun partying all night drinking our blood after getting up in the morning when they want to make the beds. Really bad experience that will not be forgotten.