Let Prevent Burglary in Airport Luggage

What? My eyes widened when he realized my suitcase zipper head has been severed. With careful excited I immediately checked the contents. Thankfully there are no missing items. It happened to me accustomed to bring a potluck item when going on vacation so I have a reason to shop. (It’s known me female: p). However, somehow I passionately imagine someone trying to break into my suitcase.

In fact, the events of burglary suitcase at the airport (where else) is a common thing. Thus, there are some tips to prevent burglary suitcase or luggage lost by irresponsible elements:

1. Choose Suitcase Qualified Okay or Good


First of all, you are not obliged to buy the most expensive suitcase. However, make sure your luggage is quite good quality and in accordance with your needs. There are two types of luggage that I recommend, namely ballistic nylon material (such as cloth material thickness) and material hard case. Better yet, if you choose a suitcase that comes with a TSA lock (Transportation Security Administration) which is equipped with a key combination. Select the size is large enough so that the zipper was strong durability. Dear Ladies, you surely already know zipper pulls hard when packing groceries at the end of the holiday;-). Better to choose a suitcase that was not too much because you have to lock the zipper of each zipper.

2. Give Ribbon / Label Name (Luggage Tag) In Suitcase


There will be so many suitcases that are similar to yours on the conveyor belt. Without a certain characteristic, you are not going to be able to know which one is yours (unless you see the contents of the suitcase). Then it is very important to give the tape or label name (luggage tag) in your suitcase. Choose diameter rather wide band with bright colors. Ribbons are quite large with bright colors make me able to recognize my suitcase from afar. Label name (Luggage Tag) will make sure you do not mistakenly take the suitcase. You do not want it to be confused with your suitcase belonged to someone else? How about trying that to be confused with the suitcase which contained the drugs ?? It is very serious …

3. Padlock


Do not forget to lock each zipper contained in your suitcase. Even if you use a small padlock, please … use real padlock. Do not use your child’s small padlock piggy bank! (Haiyaaa … Such padlock does tampered with little wear hairpins also instantly burst!) More okay again if you are using a standard padlock TSA. But do not forget the combination to the lock you are or where you put your padlock key, yes! : P Before buying a lock, make sure the padlock is not too big for your suitcase zipper. To suitcase made Hard Case without zippers, you can use the strap suitcase with TSA standards.

4. Wrapping

I could just close my eyes Airport surrender when officers threw my suitcase away from the conveyor to the aircraft baggage. I was not surprised when it landed, I found my suitcase slightly dented. Worse fate experienced by my brother suitcase made of beautiful colored hard case. Crack suitcase. Klikers, we must willingly accept that our luggage would not be treated as glassware by the airport authorities. Then, use wrapping facilities are available at the airport. In addition to preventing your suitcase scuffed / damaged, plastic wrapping is also useful to prevent your suitcase burglarized.

5. Remove Stickers Flight Accomplished


Do not forget to remove all stickers or labels from your previous flight. The sticker contains the flight code. If there were stickers on the previous flight, lest airport officials mistakenly put your suitcase in the trunk of wrong or stray into a different plane.

6. Do not Put Valuables in Koper

After all the protection that we do, there is still no guarantee of 100% of our luggage will be safe. So the safest way is not to put valuables such as jewelry or large amounts of money in the suitcase. Precious objects should be put in your handbag. You can also contact the airline that you are carrying precious cargo gets tighter security.

7. Do not Hesitate to Report


Klikers, if your luggage does not turn up, do not panic. Immediately report to the Security service. Who knows your suitcase in the trunk of other stray or in another plane. But when your suitcase is really missing, or there are missing your valuables do not hesitate to make a report to the Security Airport loss. The report includes the loss occurred at the airport location where, time lost, the airline used, and flight number. Even now you can also send an e-mail to Airport Authority to make a complaint. By making a complaint, means that we are working to prevent similar incidents happen in the future.

Well, Klikers, hopefully seven tips above can help Klikers suitcases so you stay safe when traveling by plane. Of course we expect burglary case suitcase at the airport can be eradicated completely, yes! In order not to spoil our holiday mood