List breakfast store must try around Kota Bharu

Holiday and your visit to Kelantan is not complete if you do not try the breakfast or breakfast at a popular store among the locals.

The room this time the authors have prepared a grand list of ‘evergreen’ for breakfast around Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Maybe a bit awkward for you as a breakfast menu in Kelantan provides that ‘weight’ as rice salads, chicken typical rice and many more. Actually, this is the tradition of the former Kelantan have breakfast with such a menu to go out to work using physical nature. To be sure, Breakfast in Kelantan is a gift that must be felt by all, especially if you are on holiday in Kelantan.

Breakfast places here even seem mediocre, people flocked to come in the morning because the Kelantan who enjoyed the taste of morning meal due to the taste even more so a sense of well-equipped cuisine, bucolic atmosphere and also a store that has its own uniqueness ,

If you do not take breakfast at the kota bharu hotel, the list provided here are worth trying.

Kopitiam Kita



Kopitiam Kita food outlets categorized as store the most top breakfast in Kota Bharu. Why, this shop in all the typical rice Kelantan popular around Kota Bharu and gathered here. Presumably, like a one stop center to collect the rice among the best of the best. Here you can enjoy a variety of menu such as rice and rice Cold Water, Kak Wok Rice, Rice Overlapping Kubang Pasu, nasi lemak and more. Other menus include bread with eggs cooked Titab half of this shop original menu. Famous people of VIPs, politicians, artists, footballers and many others have been here and you can see for yourself the list of those famous images ever stopped to have breakfast here.

Popular menu: Bread Titab, Rice Cold Water, kak Rice Wok, Rice and other Tumpang

Address: 4357-A, Taman Desa Jaya, Jalan Sungai Chepa, Kota Bharu 15400, Malaysia.

Tel: 019-9810888

Nasi Kak Wok


Nasi Kak Wok were one of the stores hereditary popular in Kota Bharu. The menu is simple, namely the typical rice fried chicken or chicken stew. But, the only difference is the taste of spicy fried chicken cut into small pieces and also taste gulainya definite plus appetizing and delicious sauces. Because kemashurannya since generations, has many branches scattered in Kelantan. There may be undertaken by the beneficiaries Kak Wok, but there are also employers who use the name Kak Wok to popularize his shop. So, if you want to try the rice Kak Wok, make sure to store the original or the original branch stores.


Popular menu: Fried chicken berlauk the man

Address: Original (Lundang Road, behind BMC), Branch (Kubang Kerian -Depan USM)

Kedai Pokloh Milo Tunggeng / Tonggeng


Seeing the name of the shop, he necessarily has its own uniqueness which becomes masḥūr among locals and old people in Kelantan. Milo Pokloh Tunggeng are pouring old coffee shop milo in its own way, namely without using a spoon with menunggeng milo tin without opening the lid. Kelantan people are also called milo milo tin tap that knocked out so milo into the cup. Milo quantities which are brewed 2-3 times more than other stores. This shop atmosphere still retains the characteristics of the village shop. The menu is typical rice are also popular around Kota Bharu and toast or eggs cooked half. If you want to experience the atmosphere of a classical breakfast in Kelantan, head to the shop Pokloh Tunggeng Milo.


Popular menu: Milo tunggeng, fried chicken with various other typical rice, toast, half boiled egg

Address: Back KTC / Specialist Hospital (Church Road), Kota Bharu, Kelantan

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