Looking for Fresh Fish at Depok Beach

Monsoon is more piercing the skin when approaching the end of the year. But if you just sit at home is’ not good times yes, just looking at the television or more “bitter” again just looking out the window. Hahaa..galau once it! And wait for the weekend or a holiday season will be menggalaukan heart again if boredom would have to wait.


I was lucky to get a few days off. And more fortunate because I was not a holiday falls on a weekend or red date but in the middle of the week. It was fun traveling to tourist attractions when not many people are coming! It was Thursday. I went to Depok Beach, the area Parangtritis, Bantul, Yogyakarta. The place is not far from the beach Parangtritis. The beach is also smaller. And I think it cleaner than Parangtritis. Not a lot of people who come there. First, the beach is not a great beach, so maybe people will get tired of walking too short steps to the beach which is not great, obviously not much entertainment. Second, at this beach people selling fresh fish. If you want to look for fresh fish in Yogyakarta, go to this beach. Most of the fresh fish at the market Jogja taken from here.


Usually the fish market in Depok beach crowded in the morning. But I come in the afternoon, so I do not see any fish trading activities there. Make no mistake, if you come at night, fresh fish market is still open. While the numbers are not as much in the morning, but there were stalls selling fish there at night. The fishermen returning from sea-hour clock that much. I’ve been there a night, around 9pm. There are three or four fish seller is still open. And the fish is still moving! If you arrive early, you may be able to buy directly from the fishermen at the top of the boat, before getting to the fish market. There are many different kinds of fish there. There are also stalls that can cook the fish you buy direct. You also can choose what you like spice. Sweet, salty, sour or fresh. Directly from the sea, burned / fried, eaten with hot rice and kale plecing, wahhh … I started to drool!

His name is also a fresh fish market. Guaranteed no formaldehyde in it. It guarantees local governments Bantul. So you certainly will not get sick stomach or suffer from allergies and others. But … it is day for my lunch again. So I just chose to swirl around the coast. There is actually a celebration of the sea alms that day, unfortunately, I have to go back to Jogja as time mepet the departure time of my train back to Bandung. If you do not rush it, I definitely have another story about the ritual alms usual sea beach community of Depok.


Come, look around for a moment Depok coast. Although not buy fish, I can still enjoy the streets of coastal breeze (which fortunately is still cold) while as usual, photographing. There are fishing boats lined up neatly in place. Complete with webs. Certainly there was no fish in the boat. The fish was over at the fish market, or in one’s stomach. What I saw instead dried fish (salted) which has been dried in the hot sun and, probably fell, in the sand. Although not the end of the week, still no stalls are open. Not all hell, but you still can eat fresh fish from the stalls it. There are dozens of stalls there. You just select.

In addition to stalls selling fish, there are smaller stalls selling coconut, meatballs, and fried rice, instant noodles, boiled peanuts, peanut brittle, and the like. There also are selling a balloon for children to play near the beach. Definitely fun chasing the balloon in place a broad and strong wind. At least the price is’ not up to 10 thousand dollars. Other toys are also there, clear, suitable to be played on the beach. There would be up to 25 thousand was the price. For adults, but to sit and enjoy a meal or shore wind, you can ride APV. Rent is Rp. 30 thousand. If you are a small body, can twos and threes. But if you feel small, alone is sufficient for speeding with APV in the long waterfront. Enjoy! …

Compared Parangtritis, Depok more shady beach. Because there is still a small evergreen trees with bamboo benches where we could sit there. If you’re curious to keep eating fresh fish, well while waiting for the sun goes down, you can race APV with friends, or eating young coconut. If tired stay sleeping on bamboo benches under pine trees are mostly empty because the new occupants come on weekends or holidays. Then the night would come, and you certainly memorable dinner when fishermen return from the sea, bringing fresh fish, you can simply book stalls there to burn the fish and enjoy with rice or another menu that you like. Dinner on the beach was something indeed. No need to wait for the holiday weekend to enjoy all of this ?!