Peeking 3 beautiful beaches in Ujung Kulon

Hearing the word ‘Ujung Kulon’, perhaps imagined in your mind is the bull and Javan rhinos, ya do? Not one anyway because Ujung Kulon is the name of a national park on the island of Java, which most have been named as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. But you never thought ‘right away if there are woods behind the beautiful beach Ujung Kulon incomparable? In fact not just one, travelers, but three beaches at once!


Location Beach Ujung Kulon

Administratively, Ujung Kulon including part of Pandeglang, Banten, with an area of ​​about 123 thousand hectares. If you go here aboard a chartered live sit wrote, or want a nap first may also, Myspace dah wake up in Ujung Kulon Beach.

But if you want to ride public transportation, these suggest that Pegipegi is riding the bus at Terminal Depok majors Kalideres terminal. Until you Kalideres Terminal bus ride Labuan purposes. Do not forget to tell each pack driver if you go down in the Koramil Labuan. In front of Labuan Koramil look Elf or public transportation Tamanjaya purposes. From here you can breathe sigh of relief as Ujung Kulon stay a few kilometers further.

Three beach in the tourist area of ​​Ujung Kulon

His name aja containing the word ‘Edge’, do not be surprised if the location of the Ujung Kulon Coastal quite difficult to reach. Not to mention the access road is steep terrain like offroad competition makes those who are accustomed to travel in fancy places unwilling to come to him.

It’s okay, travelers. If we place too crowded tourist destination ‘right not cool as well. Instead of having a great time enjoying the holidays, that there is even more stressed Seeing people milling about! Beaches in Ujung Kulon is suitable for you who do not like crowds, like hiking, camping, birdwatching, or other outdoor activities.

You just select one of the following beaches:

1. Beach Ciputih (Pantai Ciputih)


According to the observations Pegipegi, this is the only beach Ujung Kulon who have got a touch of civilization. A resort named Ciputih Beach Resort already stands near the beach and hearsay anyway many guests in the holiday season. Here you can order a special room with a view of the beach and the pricing is very affordable, around Rp 400 thousand aja per night.

Because already many visitors, the road to the beach Ciputih better than other beaches. Beach with panoramic painting like this distance is about 6 hours drive from Jakarta, and can be reached via the Jakarta-Attack-Pandeglang-Panimbang-wells-up deh Ciputih beach.

Beach waves Ciputih quite friendly and safe for swimming or snorkeling. But you must bring your own from home snorkelingmu equipment because there is no device rental snorkeling here. Oh yes, do not forget to bring a camera as well as a panoramic sunset at the beach Ciputih real cool n can not you meet anywhere.

2. Beach Cinibung (Pantai Cinibung)


Cinibung beach not too far from the beach Ciputih, or it can be said both coasts in Ujung Kulon neighbors, travelers. On this beach you can swim without fear keseret waves as baseball ferocious sea waves, the sand was so soft n more quiet than Ciputih Beach. If there are passing, it was just a swarm of domesticated buffalo local villagers.

On the beach there are hotels Cinibung have not, but there are some houses that are rented as a villa with varying tariffs. The most appropriate moment to beach Cinibung is afternoon and overnight stay at the villa for capturing quiet but stunning sunrise the next morning, showing off Ujung Kulon and the surrounding beauty. Unfortunately, the road to the beach Cinibung pretty miserable condition, and required patience to get through.

3. Coral Beach Beds (Pantai Karang Ranjang)


Among other Ujung Kulon beach, this is the most hidden beaches, the most difficult to reach and the most beautiful, travelers. Imagine wrote, to get here you have to take the boat from Muara Laban Cinibung Beach in north Ujung Kulon. From Muara Laban you must walk as far as 4 km to the south through the woods and bushes, before it will be welcomed by the waves of the Coral Coast Beds.

Seeing if the terrain, reasonable if Pegipegi said Coral Beach Ujung Kulon Beds can be visited only you who minded explorers real wild. Nah be afraid tired because of the beauty of the Coral Coast Beds Ujung Kulon will remove all sense capekmu, travelers!

Well, ready to enter Beach Ujung Kulon to the next destination travelingmu? Do not forget to plan your vacation carefully to book a plane ticket and hotel booking in