Taman Jomblo Bandung

Travelers, new you dispersal of do’i and now again assumed the status JOMBO? Do not be sad again. To amuse yourself, you can visit one of the new park in the city which has the same title with the condition, ‘engagements Park’. For the citizens of Bandung, maybe they’re old enough to hear it. But for travelers who originally outside the city of flowers, may be intrigued to know more yes. Well this time, we want you to park between engagements to look around.


First of all, you would need to know the location used to be, travelers. Singles park is under the road surface and Jalan Layang PashuPati, Bandung with an area of 30 x 25 meters. When they first arrive, travelers can already see the uniqueness of this park. For example there are 60 pieces of concrete with a high of 70 cm – 1 meter with different paint colors so it looks so festive, such as yellow, orange, green, light green, dark blue, and much more. Interestingly, the beams will be lit so beautifully at night.

According to the initiators, the mayor of London, Ridwan Kamil, the park is named Taman engagements because the chairs in the garden consists of a beam mounted individually so synonymous with JOMBO status, alias has no partner. Since it was first inaugurated on January 4, 2014, the place is increasingly favored by London residents and immigrants who happened to be traveled to Bandung.

And as synonymous with ‘unmarried’, which comes predictable that most are young. So, to come to Park Singles, those who are still single could soon get a new partner or a quick move on after an affair ran aground in the middle of the road. Travelers can enjoy the facilities here are also quite reasonable. For example there is seating, shade and green because a lot surrounded by trees, free internet access, and a skateboard park skater with the letter ‘U’ that can be used by young people for their hobby, and trash that has always maintained the cleanliness of the park .

So, there are many positive activities that can be distributed as travelers when it comes to engagements Park. You can ngadem moment after circling the city of Bandung or just finished shopping. You can also see a comfortable atmosphere while watching the activities of other visitors. And since it was first launched and began to stir in the social media, now Park Singles become one of the must-visit tourist destination for travelers who happen again in the city of Bandung, especially around Jalan Layang PashuPati.

Public space such as this is much awaited by the citizens of Bandung because with less land for recreation in the city center, the harder it is to find a place that can be visited to relax. So they are not only shopping mall and shopping to be if you want to get rid of tired in the head. So, if you’re there in Bandung, lest he forget this place. You can train, gathering together your friends, read a book, or a status update on a social media engagements while showing off the beauty of the garden.


Even if you already have a partner, there is no harm in trying to come to Taman engagements during a trip to Bandung. Guaranteed will not regret it because you can enjoy the atmosphere different from Flower City. Happy Holidays yes, travelers. Also, you can find a list of hotel di bandung here.