The beauty and tranquility of Pulau Kapas Addictive


This is the first time we going through turbulent South China Sea Island Cotton. Quite excited when to footprints in the island’s east coast.

BBL travel from home to Marang jetty just 30 minutes by car speed meter 80 k / m with fuel tank RM20.20 sen.

Exactly at 8.35 am BBL up at the pier and do not forget to pay RM5.00 for safe parking your car ye.


12-15 minutes of time taken to Pulau Kapas by boat express and 30-40 minutes sometimes, if you take the ferry through the beautiful ocean waves. BBL only take a day-trip that day but went back IDE, you can opt to stay on the island with attractive packages chalet or resort stay around Pulau Kapas.

When I reached the beach of Pulau Kapas feel why do not you come first because this island is very pretty serious water. Greenish blue eyes Caucasian tub & shallow water colors to be able to see the fish swimming under the boat. Only God knows how beautiful his creation.

RM15 fee for Google mask snorkling + RM5 jackets are well worth a chestnut session saw a mermaid swim coral. Time is suitable for snorkling around 11am until 3pm because sunlight is very helpful getting ohsem view of the water. BBL first snorkeling experience indeed can not want a story. Contact your own natural feelings if you want to know that.

Prior to BBL ni always stopover Mid Valley Pet shop mark nemo fish but want to see in Pulau Kapas korang will feel like a fish which swim with Nemo. Yes BBL can touch 2 nemo fish. That was lucky because the fish tu Terlang hands of time croak like a duck in water. BBL advice, do not need to know how to swim korang enjoy experince ni nak kena reason korang calm and try to float away. After tu enjoy the rock garden is very pretty serious. What is funnier than watching the aquarium pet shop or Aqua KLCC before but this version Sebijik same real world fish & coral.

Needless to handsome to be in the water. TQ.

4 hours BBL want to swim until the skin wrinkled fingers. Last satisfied kinds of exercise just met mermaid sea, relax by the beach BBL kinds Caucasian Ulu Klang. Exhausted sunburn skin of the arm. Do not forget to rub unblock 20 minutes prior to the shore and each time after playing beach water. Kalu not, striped body unblock effects.

Do not worry about eating, Pulau Kapas mark there are several cafes and restaurants but the standard price of the island. Example nasi goreng USA RM30. Do not question the taste or not but many mengomen talk iPod. BBL advice, bring a supply of food and sometimes, if you want to day trip to the island. For those staying at the resort, assault only resort cafe.

In addition to the beach and snorkeling activities, you can try kayaking around the island, jungle tracking or create a competition to build sand castles. Oh yes, Pulau Kapas sand beach is very clean and white. According to history, the island cotton given after the events of a ship laden with cotton from China have foundered & cotton-cotton had drifted ashore on the coast of the island led almost the entire coast in seluputi cotton. Since the incident, the fishermen gave the name of this island Pulau Kapas. The history of the last decades ye.

Last tired relax by the beach, BBQ meal BBL with friends who had brought along when you reach the island. Eat till you drop off the swim was quite satisfied. Remembered the scene Cuti-Cuti Cinta time Farid Kamil & Nora Danish trapped on the island, eating grilled fish got exotic others. Main je stopper in the mouth as long as a full stomach can snorkling second round.

In the afternoon, BBL stroll along the beach. Kapas Island beach clean indeed. You can see the corals die arrayed along the coast. Do not forget to fill memory with photo camera on the island.

Many beautiful port for photo papers. Tired of walking do not forget to stopover the cafe to buy coconut water, can drink while sitting on a hammock under the trees.


Indeed Pulau Kapas very hapening with snorkling.

RM 15 Boat Express to go back = RM 30.00
RM 15 Google Mask = RM 15.00
RM 5 Life Jacket = RM 5.00
Eat at the cafe = RM 20.00
TOTAL = RM 70.00

Today, BBL simply remove RM70.00 for pengalama with Nemo!