Tips For Our Home Stay Safe When you go for vacation

Klikers, if you are someone who never leave your house empty? Some people I know rarely vacation with reason “must keep the house”. Well, the house does need to be maintained. You also do not want it if you are on vacation for a week, then when you’ve come home burglarized? Or may be flooded? Hmm, God forbid, yah! However, do not fear you hinder your plans to go on holiday. Here are tips to keep home safe while you’re on vacation:

1. Copies of important documents

Do not forget to save valuable documents such as ID cards, certificates, passports, deeds family, and others in a safe place. It would be nice if these precious documents photocopied. If you go on vacation, do not forget to bring a copy of important documents such as ID cards, driver’s license, or passport to prevent things that are not desirable.

2. Check all doors and windows


Before you leave, check whether all doors (including your closet doors) and windows are locked. Do not leave the keys in a state hanging on the door. You can bring along your cabinet lock or hide it somewhere (eg under the mattress).

3. Check the electricity and gas

To avoid fire due to short circuit, do not forget to unplug all electrical appliances that are not used, such as televisions, personal computers, including water pump or PAM network. You do not need to turn off your refrigerator, especially when there are groceries in it. Do not forget to check the stove and gas cylinder if it tqertutup meeting.

4. Use light with light sensor


To give the impression that your home is not empty, you can use a light sensor on the front porch light for you. The light sensor light will automatically turn on in the dark / night, and will die when the atmosphere is quite bright / morning.

5. Do not store valuables at home

If your home is stored large amounts of cash, gold, jewelry, or other valuable items, then you should leave him in the Bank.

6. Tell your newsagent

Newsy usually will throw the paper into the porch of your house. One day … two days … if newspapers are piled on the porch, people will know that you are uninhabited house. You can ask the newsagent to stop sending paper during your vacation, or you can also advised that the paper is deposited into your neighbors. Hmm, or who know your neighbors well enough to get your newspaper while you are away on vacation. 😀

7. goodbye to Neighbor or the Chairman of RT / RW

Socializing is important! Before you go on vacation, pamitlah to your neighbors. Tell them how your day will go. You can also tell the RT / RW or the head of security (guards / security) in the area where you live. As such, they can help keep an eye on your home.

8. Trick: To be Invisible Empty Houses

The bottom line is: You should try to make your house does not look empty. You can put the slippers at the door of the house to give the impression of your house is still inhabited. Better you keep turning on one or two lights in the house so that the inside of the house does not look pitch black at night.

9. Dont Leave your pet alone


You keep an animal? Do not forget to leave your pet during your vacation so that no one took care of them. Now there are quite a lot of animal care centers.

10. Do not leave the house in a dirty and messy conditions

Before you go, clean and tidy up the house. This will greatly help you after you go home again vacation. You do not want it still has to deal with a messy house after tired after a vacation? By the time the human occupants go, usually other residents will be rampant (mean cockroaches, lizards, or other small animals. Hehe …) Make sure there is no food left on the table. Do not leave dirty dishes or glasses in the sink. You can also envelops your kitchen appliances that are not stored in the cupboard (eg shelf plate) with a cloth napkin. You can also envelops your furniture with plastic sheet or cloth so as not coated with thick dust after left long enough.

11. Check the condition of the house on a regular basis

If you have a housekeeper or you have requested help someone to watch over your home during your vacation, do not forget the occasional call home to check whether everything is safe.

12. There is no need to spit in sosmed

Klikers, sometimes we may want to exist, but it would be wise if you do not post the news on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media that you are on vacation for some time with the whole family. Moreover, sometimes we do not always know all of our friends in social networks. To avoid those who do not intend either to obtain the information that you are uninhabited house, hang to not spit detailed information.

Klikers, that’s 11 tips to make your home safe while on vacation. Hopefully these tips from us can help you to not be worried about the condition of your home during the holidays. Enjoy your trip, Klikers!