Tips for Those Who First Time going oversea

Before there were budget airlines low-cost carrier alias, holiday abroad into something that is very luxurious. The term, only the rich who can walk out of the country. But now times have changed. As the slogan of one of the airlines, “Now everybody can fly”. Yoi, I agree completely with it! With diligent saving, you certainly can really holiday abroad. Holiday abroad will certainly feel different. Over many things to be prepared. For new Klikers going on holiday abroad for the first time, it’s good to read this article. Here are 10 tips for those who are first time abroad:

1. Take care of passport or visa


To be on vacation to another country, you certainly will need a passport. You will not be able to buy tickets if it did not have a passport. My advice, make a passport even though you may not have plans to go abroad. Who knew there was a promo suddenly cheap tickets. You can make regular passport or e-passport. The cost of making the e-passport is of course more expensive than ordinary passports. Keep in mind, a passport can only be used up to 6 months before the passport expires. Note also that there are several countries that require visa to get into the country. You can take care of visa at the Embassy of the country concerned. There are also some countries which allow you take care of visa through a travel agent.

2. Booking air tickets and hotels

Once you have a passport, you can search for flight tickets with promo price. Do not forget to directly buy tickets home. This is to help you when interviewed on the subject of immigration or visa. For lodging, you are REQUIRED to had booked accommodation in advance. You can purchase via Online Travel Agent or on the websites of trusted online hotel sales. Should you find out the location of the hotel is the first of your choice. Choose a hotel that is close to public transportation such as bus lanes. Recall address of your hotel.

3. Redeeming currency


Change currency rupiah currency of the country of destination. Prepare a sufficient amount. Not just to avoid the hassle to find a money changer while in the destination country, but also because of the rupiah exchange rate will usually be worth less in your destination country. You better bring the US Dollar as a reserve. Before buying currency destination country, often peek at for information exchange that day. Quickly change your currency when exchange rates are down the country.

4. Collect information about the local state

What is the temperature of the air in there? How is the climate? You need to find information about the temperature and climate in your destination country (especially if you pay a visit to the subtropical countries) so that you can prepare what clothes you should bring. Note also the rules applicable local laws. For example, you will be fined if littering while in Singapore. You also should not eat and drink in the MRT. Find out also about the local culture. Remember, another another desert locust. 🙂

5. Items that need to be taken along with


Considering you will be on vacation (and instead of moving home), try not to have to bring too many clothes. Choose shoes that are comfortable for your overseas tend to be a lot of walking. You can leave a gym membership cards and department store club card at home. Most cards need to be taken only with a credit card logo visa / master. Do not forget to bring a smartphone or gadget, or a traveler charger power bank. Not all electrical plugs in other countries such as Indonesia bipedal. You can prepare a three-legged adapter from Indonesia or purchase an international travel charger. But no need to worry if you do not have both. The hotel will surely be able to lend adapters for your three-legged.

6. Develop travel itinerary

Klikers, I assume you are not going on holiday abroad every month (even not necessarily also we will visit the same country in the next year). Therefore, optimalkanlah your vacation. First of all, look for information about a place or a must-see tourist icons in the country. Note where the location of the tourist attractions. Visit the tourist attractions are located nearby on the same day. You can also buy tickets in a travel destination, such as the USS ticket Singapore, online since before departure.

7. Completing the immigration process


Upon check in, the clerk will check your passport and provide boarding pass. After that at the Immigration, the officer returned check your boarding pass and passport. Once everything is okay, the officer will stamp your passport. Then you can wait in the boarding area. Later you will be called to enter into the plane. Later on the plane you will have to fill Arrival Card (can also fill them while still at the airport). This Arrival Card will be torn / cut by the immigration officer at the destination. This Arrival Card must not lose it until you get home later.

8. Take care of Immigration Now in Destination Countries


Once landed, back you will have to deal with the Immigration section. Mengantrilah patiently, do menyelak and stays behind the yellow line. Immigration officer will usually ask some general questions, such as: how long you will live, your goal to go to the country, with whom you go, and where you will stay. Please be short and precise. After Immigration finished, do not forget to take your luggage.

9. Do not bring counterfeit goods

Ladies, do not take your Louis Vuitton bag KW abroad! There are quite a lot of stories where fake branded bags seized while in the international port. Not only were seized, sometimes in front of the bag was torn owners. In addition to the fake bags, goods are often confiscated at the international port is false POWERBANK aka Abal Abal.

10. Turn your phone

It’s important to stay connected while you are abroad. You can only use international roaming services, but certainly will not be cheap. Better you buy a local sim card for a cheaper cost. For savings, use wifi facilities as often as possible. To save data plan, you should first download the applications that you need, including the offline folder.

Klikers, that’s 10 tips for those who are first time abroad. Actually there is one additional tips, ie: you do not need to bother to be Santa Claus to buy presents for all the people you know. Trust me, you will bother yourself when doing this. Not that I teach you to be stingy, you know! Lol, but it is wise when shopping for souvenirs abroad. Have a good vacation!