Tips to Bandung (For first time travelers)

+ The most famous Factory Outlet Store (FOS) is in Jalan Riau and Jalan Dago, but has Setiabudhi Jalan Rumah Mode, FOS most popular in Bandung.

+ Taxi Metered taxis are cheaper than normal. Bluebird taxi cab is the best khidmatannya and the only taxis using meters there.

+ Make sure to have a vehicle to move (car rental, taxis etc …) because the distance between the FOS / shop is a bit far. If you come in groups of more charms.


+ Take the time to tempat2 interesting as Mount Merapi (a volcanic crater which is still active but not dangerous). Depart early in the morning because you will get before people arrived, lets you take pictures as much. But do not buy there because goods cheaper in the New Market. Do not be surprised if the seller according to anywhere you go because it is the way they sell. Make sure there is wearing sneakers shoes and avoid heels for a trip to the crater very much.

+ Bring more empty bag because you will need it when returning soon!

+ Pasar Baru is required to visit the Malay women. Blouse worth RM80 in Malaysia but in only RM15 in Pasar Baru! Come in the morning at about 10. Take one day to shop here because you have time to bid and buy items you like.

+ If you want to save, ride Transport (a type of van taxis) is the best choice to move from place to place, but need to know where to go for transport only through certain jalan2 only.

+ There are many hotels in Bandung. 3 star hotel such as Grand Paradise Hotel was beautiful and reasonable considering you have to save money for shopping!

+ Price fridge magnet in the airport are very expensive around Malaysia RM12 money. So if you at Pasar Baru, please buy it for me … hahaha

+ Cihampelas Street is very well known to fans of jeans and a very happening place but be careful with counterfeit goods because here you are difficult to distinguish which one is real and what is artificial.


+ The FOS also you have to be careful because there is no doubting the authenticity of the merchandise.

+ Buy brownies are a must either for themselves or to give to friends. If it could not afford it, you can steal time in the morning before your return (if 11 hour flight above) with a buy it on the way home. Amanda brownies stores opened as early as 9.00.

+ Everything can be money here. Singing in the middle of the road until the overarching person when it rains. Carefully push the peddle invitation. And if you do not want to listen to buskers (which is tasty and not discordant, it’s no wonder they have a talented singer) you make sure the windows tightly closed cab and do not know it. But sometimes when you eat them and handed the bowl will come and sing for your money, give money to your safety.

+ Take the opportunity to ride a horse in the middle of town.

+ Do not buy shoes as a gift for the person you are not as likely to carry with it the shoe does not fit. That’s what happened to me where Nike shoes costing RM40 Hariz Hakimy not fit for me.

+ Try to taste the food here. IPod and setnya complete must be accompanied with vegetable soup / corn / acid and tofu / tempeh.

+ If you ask anyone here they always said it was a place to target very close but ultimately you will melepeh exhausted from running.

+ The road here is not difficult where. So if you want to be happy just rent a vehicle and drive yourself.

+ Fixed rate is the price that can not be offered again, off price. Price discounts are given a discount price.

+ If you want easy, can bring paper containing a list of ringgit and rupiah. Easy for you to make an estimate of the price of goods.

+ Do not be fooled by the price of a taxi from the airport. It must not be more than 100, 000 dollars for a taxi.

+ Do not forget to set apart a little money to pay customs duties on exit from the airport.