Vacation preparation to Hong Kong

If we want to travel to any destination in the backpaker, things that should be taken into account and made preparations is itirenary. List all the places you will be visiting for we are not lagging behind places that were there. Keep in mind itirenary to be provided must depend on the number of days we were there.

Here JM would like to share information prior to travel to Hong Kong. Travel by backpackers indeed we need to know a bit of information about the places you want to visit such as the locations of places of interest, which can be used for transportation, how to get to each destination, the currency used, the location of the property and should provide budget estimates during the trip.

Here are some of the preparations that have been provided to the partner JM along as a guide. Before we visit a place, preferably we know where we want to go where.

Preparation 1: Information Location and Currency


Hong Kong and Macau is a SAR countries and the two countries are part of China, but they have the right to govern their own countries. The government of Hong Kong and Macau will not require travelers from Malaysia have a VISA to go in there unless Beijing. This means to Malaysians who wish to travel to Hong Kong and Macau..VISA not needed … repeat again … VISA does not need. This is because many of his friends were confused whether or not you need VISA. Peru diingat..kepada as prepared as you wish to travel to Beijing, China … must create VISA ya … If there is some point to share stories from JM in Beijing also 🙂

Hence the currency between China Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau is different where China Mainland to Renminbi (RMB), Hong Kong to HK Dollars (HKD) and Macau Pataca currency using. Pataka currency can only be used in Macau only and is not to be used in Hong Kong but can HKD currency in use in Macau.

Hong Kong consists of four main parts, namely Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Lantau Island. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is located on Lantau Island (can refer to the map above). The main part of Hong Kong’s most vibrant and tourists are the main focus of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

Preparation 2: Accommodation

It is very difficult to find cheap accommodation in Hong Kong and if as a toilet in the house of our … ahaha … try to imagine topic. This is because the price of land is very expensive due to the shape of the expensive due to limited land and at the same time there is a dense population and that there are on earth. Buildings and shopping complexes are tight and narrow roads. Most homes are Ngrumat flats, apartments and condos.


That is why all accommodation in Hong Kong mainly in Kowloon and Tsim Tsa Tsui charged high rates at which prices Standard Room 3 star hotel starting price of about RM600-RM700 per night. Even if budget hostel price is RM150 per room per night (twin-sharing basis). Most budget hostel located in the shopping mall building as Mirandor Mansion and Chungking Mansion.

The choice is in your wise and must make a choice. Bookings can be made through the website or use the services hotel booking website or and enter the name in the book and cold all at your fingertips. A good example of hotel is like Imperial Hotel Hong Kong where locate in the city area.

JM crowd but did not suggest staying here if on holiday with my family but if it does not care what kind of backpackers and budget and with the ciput may be considered. Location This property is located near Tsim Sha Tsui station facing Nathan Road, the building is quite old and less persekitanran uncomfortable situation. At the bottom of Chungking Mansion is filled with Biggers, pakistan and all black people do business. An uncomfortable environment, rather dirty and the situation can only lift the load to a maximum of 4 people. There halal food in Chungking Mansion area of ​​the ground and first floor and most of the food from Pakistan. and there is a restaurant that the visit of Bismillah Restaurant on the 1st floor.

Why Tsim Tsa Tsui (TST) menginpa choice for tourists as there are many hotels and hostels in nearby areas including du Chungking Mansion. Tsim Tsa Tsui area of ​​Kowloon, which is most of the tourists prefer as close to all the sights and easy to get transportation to any location of interest. For example, if staying in the TSS ni, only 5mins walk to the Avenue of Stars, Symphony of Light Show, Star Ferry Pier, HK museum of art, museum HK space. There is also a large mosque next to TST MTR station exit A and about 100 steps from Chungking Mansion. Then walk to Harbour City and the ferry terminal to Macau takes in 10minutes only.

Preparation 3: Transport

Before going to Hong Kong, inventory to identify carriage 3 is provided there. This is because we need to know whether that can be used for transportation to any destination not all places can tap pegi by bus, train or ferry. There are places that can be reached by train and the fare is cheaper if you take a taxi. JM like it before we have to make wise choices.

Transport in Hong Kong There are many types and efficiently if such MTR in Malaysia such as LRT, double-decker bus, single bus, minibus, tram, ferry and taxi.



Ferry service is available to anyone who wanted to go to The Peak Madame Tussaud’s and The Ocean Park as it is located in Hong Kong Island from Kowloon. The ferry can take on the Star Ferry Pier to Central or Wan Chai. There are two categories of lower deck ticket $ 1.50 (RM0.60) and upper decks $ 2.00 (RM0.90) while the price of a ticket on weekends is $ 2.50 to $ 2.00 lower n upper deck.


Bus fares vary depending on the destination of the bus where there is a detailed description of the bus level, two floors and there are two levels and is not covered. Most mines in the range of HKD1.50 – HKD8.00. Bus stop in Hong Kong is not like Malysia which provides a beautiful and sheltered waiting, in HK but in place of the existing pile pit stop number, so be sure how many pit stops to come down no later afraid to miss a stop. Be sure to provide enough money because they will not return the tray and if you want a safe, JM suggest the use Octopus Card to pay for all public transport fares available. Why use Octopus Card ni..apa kelebihannya..sila read below … at the entry … already kind of riddles … for example if you pay the actual cost of HKD10 but HKD5, so that regardless of dietary balance HKD5 yer it … I like that … eheheh … So to avoid such a situation occur, are advised to use the Octopus Card.



For those who are reaching in Hong Kong also want to try Tram ride in Malaysia where ada..tapi sediakan..yer lah..kat if you had never been to London …. There Tram also there. All double-decker tram and somewhat dilapidated condition. Tram ticket prices HKD2.00 flat rate for all destinations.


All info regarding the MTR in Hong Kong, including destinations, routes and ticket prices can be found on the website

Halal food
No need to worry to get halal food in HK because there are many restaurants that will provide its halal food but costly as at Veitnam. For those who travel on a budget, can bawak own cuisine such as talismans, bread gardenia, Milo 3 in 1 and Maggie. All these foods can be eaten at breakfast and lunch only when eating out. The average price of 1 meal per person is RM30-RM50 for one meal, once again reminded … so choice on your hand ..

Octopus Card
Octopus Card is a substitute for money when paying cash fares of public transport in Hong Kong. For those who have to travel to Seoul, Korea..use  same method but there using T-Money. The Octopus card is a function such as Touch n Go in Malaysia and that appealing the card can also be used to purchase items in the store 7 eleven. As in stated before … if you had lazy to hold a lot of cash money, after that when riding the bus and no little money, so it can use the Octopus card. This card is not only limited to buses only, but can be used to pay the fare when riding the MTR, Star Ferry, Tram, Mini Van and usable on all transport …. very useful card. Just touch the card on the screen, the fare will be deducted directly from your credit balance.

Must friends ask..where wondered where I can get the card at the ticket counter or not the MTR card..if happy kid bought directly in front of the Airport terminal and MTR card price is about RM70 HKD150. From HKD150 tu, we will be able to HKD100 credit. Tu HKD50 balance taken as deposit. When I return to Malaysia later can return the cards tu kat any MTR ticket counter, they will return our deposit back and they HKD7 HKD43 will be used as an administrative charge. The balance has not been used in the card will be refunded together with the deposit money … profit kan..Kalau want top-pup or increase the Octopus card can be made at any ticket counter jugak 7 eleven and MTR. A card can only be used by one person only.