When Bad Things Happen to Your Vacation

When we plan a vacation, of course we were once plans for fun. However, we must accept the fact that sometimes, wonderful plans we do not run as expected. Annoying incidents occurred, damaging your schedule and your mood. Klikers, when this happens, try to save your vacation. The following incidents that can occur when you are on vacation and what to do when bad things happen in the holiday:

1. Flight delays or canceled


Klikers, one of the things we need to remember is that delayed or canceled flights typically are for safety reasons. One of the causes of delayed or canceled flight reason is bad weather. You also dont want to fly in the storm conditions thundershower ?? If your flight is delayed, is still waiting at the airport. Do not take a risk by leaving the airport. You also need to figure out your rights when flying until canceled. When the flight is canceled, you should be compensated according to the rules that must be done by the airline. Passengers must obtain redress, including free place when the next flight is the day after the day when the flight was canceled, compensation options, move the route, phone calls, and drinks.

2. You missed the plane

Worse of flight delay, it turns out you miss the plane. If this happens, the first thing you must do is: do not panic! Immediately went to the airline counter. If you book your tickets with the normal fare (not a promo ticket), the tickets can be used for the next flight. However, if your ticket is a ticket promo, then you should buy a ticket for the next flight again. If it turns out the next flight is full, then the airline will put you to the waiting list and prioritize your to be flown after that.

The safest way so you do not miss the plane is: try to arrive 2 hours before flight time.

3. Your luggage is lost

If you have been waiting faithfully in front of the conveyor belt and turns your suitcase did not turn up until the conveyor belt is empty, immediately report to the Lost & Found. Report the characteristics of your suitcase and luggage tag numbers that exist in the boarding pass. In case of lost luggage, usually this happens because your luggage get lost or not yet. Fill also reports loss, travel itinerary, places to stay, and your phone number. If your luggage is found, then the airport will contact you and send your luggage to your place of stay. As a precaution, do not save money, jewelry, and following gadget charger in your luggage. You can also include a T-shirt and a toothbrush in a handbag or purse that you bring into the plane. Who knows you just could meet with your luggage the next day: p

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4. Your passport is lost


If your passport is lost, either because you kecopetan, fall, or you do not accidentally leave it somewhere, immediately report to the local police station. At the police station, you will fill out a form disuru data themselves and report the loss of your passport chronology. After that, came to the Embassy. Embassy will give you a Travel Document in Lieu of Passport (SPLP) whose function is used as a temporary passport. To make SPLP, you must meet several requirements, among others: ID card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, family card, a certificate of loss from the police station, a copy or photocopy of passport, SPLP application form that has been filled, and two passport size photographs with a light-colored background. You will also be asked to pay the cost of making SPLP. The duration of the process of making this SPLP depends Embassy in each country.

Tip: do not forget to bring ID card and a photocopy of your passport while abroad. To be safe, if you are traveling overseas in more than 1 week, visit the Embassy when they arrive in your destination country to perform “self-report”. By doing a “self-report”, the Embassy can anticipate more quickly when things happen that are not desirable. To report yourself, you only need to show a passport, fill in the form, and includes two pieces of photographs.

5. You fall sick


If you get sick, remember to stay on top of your health condition. Develop a plan of traveling back, cancel some of the goals and focus on the main agenda of your trip. His condition will be a little more troublesome if you are abroad and you have to go to the doctor or hospital because it means your holiday funds will be used for treatment instead. However, no need to worry if you have insurance. It would be better if you have a travel insurance.

Tip: do not forget to bring your personal medicines.

6. The weather was bad for you at the destination


Maybe you’ve bought tickets Disneyland but it rained all day. Perhaps you plan to ride the cable car, but it turns out bad weather so the cable car it does not operate. Well, Klikers, you can not fight nature. No need to be sad. Immediately make up the itinerary and visit tourist spots indoor.

7. Run out of money

There are several ways you can do if you run out of money and you were not able to use your credit card (especially when you’re abroad). One, you can borrow money on your travel companions. If you have an ATM card, check whether there is a VISA or PLUS logo on the ATM card. If there is, you can use the card at an ATM which include the logo of the VISA or PLUS. Two, contact your family members and ask them to immediately send the money to you. Three, you can try to sell your goods in a market that sells used goods. In European countries, you can try to be a part-time workers such as washing dishes in a restaurant.

Klikers, that tips when bad things happen in your vacation. Of course we hope that this sort of thing should not happen. Take care, stay alert, and do not forget to pray while on vacation and also book your hotel and trip early.

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